This member of the executive board has an excellent repertoire in the field of Model United Nations, especially in chairing councils that specialize in discussing human rights and their implications in a world that appears to be fast adopting an attitude of distaste towards the institution as a whole. Vaivab Das, with a Bachelor's degree in English Literature and Society, is currently pursuing his master's degree at the School of Gender Studies, Tata Institute of Social Sciences. In past, he has worked extensively as the regional head of Young Leaders Consortium (India), an UNESCO affiliated youth organisation, a #HeForShe youth advocate, research analyst and served in all possible positions at more than 100 Model UN conferences across India in the last five years. An awarded student, Vaivab's interest ranges from world politics to education and gender policy formulation with intentions of working with the government of India in aforementioned fields.

Currently pursuing Chartered Accountancy, Ansull Lakhotia has been an active participant in Model United Nations conferences for 6 years and is a veteran of over 40 conferences. A keen interest in world affairs, coupled with the desire to make a difference led him to MUNs in 9th grade and there has been no looking back since. His passion for economics and belief that no discussion is ever complete without an economic perspective to it, soon made socio-economic councils, his preferred committees at MUN, and he has done majority of his MUNs in various capacities in these councils. A delegate who makes no compromise on research and in his accuracy of facts, he expects the delegates of his committee to do the same. Besides MUNing and debating, Ansull is an ardent cricket fan and cannot tolerate a word being spoken against Rahul Dravid, his favourite cricketer. It is his firm belief that MUNs are an enjoyable way to gather knowledge about national and international developments and problems, while harnessing one’s analytical and public speaking skills. He voices the opinion, that it’s time the youth learned to be global citizens and he considers MUNs to be one step towards the same. Striking a perfect balance between a productive learning experience and fun Ansull intends to make the 3 days of SRM R MUN an indelible experience for all and is looking forward to the conference as a perfect break from his ‘taxing’work schedule.
Sakina Mirza shall be serving as the Director. Having breezed her way through a dozen conferences, her consistency is commendable. With a penchant for rights-based committees, Sakina has explored the middle ground and conquered it. She enjoys debating, negotiating, and mediating – making her a formidable opponent but fret not, for she is on your side this time.

Of sass and scarves, this colourful personality is quite hard to miss.


A. Political participation and decision making roles for women.
B. Gender based violence.
C. Trafficking in persons.
D. Post-conflict community capacity building measures like - livelihood, healthcare and education.

Since time immemorial, women have always been targeted, mistreated and not given the work/recognition they deserve. With recent developments there are a multitude of arenas where still these issues persist. With that in mind, presenting the agenda for UNCSW at SRMRMUN2018 :- Assessing gender issues in conflict prevention and post conflict reconstruction with focus on

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