With a years of experience on his back Shayer Majumdar thrives in unconventional committees by introducing timely yet unpredictable crises. Shayer has always advocated the importance of MUNs and their effectiveness at the institutional level. Incredibly knowledgeable, Shayer eases his way through committee proceedings and brings out the best in a delegate and gets the most out of a committee even when things don’t seem bright. A person who is new to the South Circuit with this being his first time in Chennai for an MUN, Shayer hopes for this to be a great experience.

Sabeel Mehkri, Control the gavel, for the gavel is an important instrument, an instrument of power. An instrument that establishes agenda”. These are words personifying this person’s personality, a personality of power and dominion.This individual is known across the Bangalore MUN circuit for his impeccable knowledge, subtle sarcasm and overall dominance of any committee he has stepped into. Having won accolades at both school level and university level conferences, he holds a rare distinction of having won a Best Delegate award at all the three types of UN committees.
Armed with his intellect, wit and his vast knowledge of international affairs,he hits committee like a hurricane and makes his presence felt everywhere he goes. You can be sure that he will make sure that this conference is exciting and exhilarating for all who take part. Somebody who envisions himself framing policy for India sometime in the near future, power is his ambition, and politics his time frame, for when the wield of power falls, there will be just one winner, he, himself. Currently studying Engineering at PES University, Bengaluru.

Hariharan T Parameshwaran is a fourth-year Mechanical Engineering student from SRMIST, Kattankulathur. With an avid interest in public speaking, he has been a part of MUN conferences and debates since ninth grade, actively taking part in both forms till date. Apart from this, he's an eclectic music listener with his choices ranging from Agam to Aerosmith. Accomplished bathroom singer is a feather on his cap.


Situation in Afghanistan

For a long time now, Afghanistan has been enforced with situations of chronic instability and conflict and this has caused much of it's population to relocate and find shelter in nearby countries. This is some situation no country should be put through, so come, decide and change this situation in a thrilling simulation, Presenting the agenda for INTERPOL at SRMRMUN'2018 :-

Executive Board

Shayer Majumdar


Sabeel Mekhri

Vice Chariperson

Hariharan T Parameshwaran