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SRM Institute of Science and Technology – Ramapuram, Chennai, India has always been an epitome of success and thrived to impart the best experience in the academics as well as non- academic fields to all the individuals affiliated with it. One such endeavor in non- academics field is Model United Nations Conference.

SRM Ramapuram Model United Nations has always been one of the conferences that tasted success since its first edition. With a count of 270+ delegates in both the editions and stellar executive board with collective experience of more than 700 MUNs, SRM Ramapuram Model United Nations has always been an ideal conference when it comes to balancing utmost quantity with quality debate. By having the highest number of international collaboration in the entire South Indian Circuit, and still achieving consistency in the proceedings, SRMRMUN has not only been one of the most acclaimed conferences, but also one of the most awaited . The pinnacle of success and the heights of achievements that we as a team have reached in order to help the others and make sure that we also give back to the society in some way have been laudable. This year, with the same idea of giving back to the world and delivering quality ideas, we are back with our third edition

  • Join us from 7-9th September to redefine diplomacy

Letter From The Secretariat

Warm Welcome to you all. As the Secretariat of SRM R MUN 2018, we are privileged to host you all for the 3rd edition of SRM R MUN.
A Model United Nations Conference that has witnessed mutli-fold growth in two editions, we are driven by the sheer amount of support that you have given us for pulling off a great conference every year. SRM R MUN 2018, without a doubt will be the best conference anyone has witnessed in South Circuit, so far. We as the Secretariat believe that with hard work and dedication, anything is possible and pulling off an MUN requires both. SRM R MUN has carved a niche for itself as one of the best MUNs organised and at this edition, we look to extend that name for yet another edition.
Supremely talented Executive Board Members with years and years of experience on their back as well as dedicated delegates who have always put their best foot forward in establishing outstanding debate and diplomacy, the Secretariat is supremely motivated in delivering the best conference to you all. With the strength, support and love of our close ones and the encouragement that the external crowd continues to give us , we are sure that this Organizing Committee will present to you all a conference that would be etched in your memories until the end of time. With all that said, it is our pleasure as a team, a family, as the Secretariat to welcome you to SRM R MUN 2018.

Best Regards,
SRM R MUN 2018


Vignesh Kannan

Secretary General

Adithya Raghavan

Deputy Secretary General

Keerthivasan R

Director General

Naveen Raj

USG - General Administration

Gokul Gopan

Under Secretary General- Hospitality

Akshay Pathak

Head Of Technical Operations

Aditya Bhat

Under Secreatary General - Finance

Srushti Bompelli

USG - General Administration


Under Secreatary General - Logistics


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