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SRM Ramapuram Model United Nations

Letter from the Secretary General

It is a pleasure for me  Harishankar Padmanabhan, being the Secretary General, to take the privilege of inviting you to SRM Ramapuram Model United Nations 2016.

The responsibility to find measures that can help us combat with all the environmental,political and social problems we currently face lies majorly with the youth, for the future lies solely in the hands of the youth's hands. Forums such as MUNs help us in understanding how a complex organisation such as the United Nations function. It is crucial for the youth to have a clear understanding of how our representative organisation work, for it to have its voice channeled properly. MUNs have always been a benchmark for proactive discussion and debate. They have a great potential to train and sharpen the brains of the young mind of the world to be better equipped to handle the issues that plague our world and can expand their horizon when it comes to their oratory skills.

So I'd dare you to dream beyond your vision. I dare you to take in the unique committees and what they have to offer. I dare you to negotiate and still make lifelong friends. I dare you to create memories that will last for a lifetime.

A hearty welcome to SRM Ramapuram Model United Nations,2016


Harishankar Padmanabhan
Secretary General - SRM R MUN'16

Letter from Deputy Secretary General


MUNning is a passion of the young minds of not only India or Asia, but on a far global scale. Keeping this in mind and the talent of young MUNers in India and neighbouring countries  I, Annamalai Moorthy , Deputy Secretary General of SRM R MUN'16, invite all the prospective delegates and Executive Board members to be a part of making history in the India's No.1 private University.

Surrounded by the rich class of the SRM UNIVERSITY, SRM MUN'16 guarantees a MUNning experience satisfying the thirst of international diplomacy. With four committees in the basket and delegates from three continents of the world, SRM R MUN'16 aims for striving perfection in the MUN circuits.

Now do you have the power to solve international crisis? Can you LISTEN to the views of other delegates? Can you speak like Narendra Modi or Barack Obama or my FAVOURITE Donald Trumph ? If you think you got these basic skills then SRM R MUN'16 is the best platform to show them.

On behalf of the Secretariat, I would like to extend a warm welcome to all the delegates, executive board members and the International Press Corps to one of the best MUNs in South Asia.


Annamalai Moorthy
Deputy Secretary General - SRM R MUN'16

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